Wall Carving at Hatshepsut Temple at Luxor

Wadjet, from the MET Museum

Wadjet is the patron protector of Lower Egypt, and upon unification of Egypt, to be the Joint Protector of all of Egypt, with the goddess Nekhbet, sometimes called her twin, or sister, in-used as ‘Nebty’ or ‘The Two Ladies’. Iconography of Wadjet is usually that of a Cobra, risen, with a flared hood, and the image of a solar disk, or the crown of Lower Egypt, the Red Crown (Deshret, or of sometimes the Pschent crown). Wadjet is, most commonly, paired with Hapi, as she is attributed to be the reason the papyrus comes from the fertile soil, rising from her body. Though occasionally she takes the place of Sekhmet as the mother of Nefertem, and wife of Ptah. She is syncrested or seen as sometimes Aset, Serqet, Sekhmet, Bast, and most “Eye of Ra” goddesses can be associated with Her as well!

Other spellings: Udjat, Uatchit, Uraeus, Neseret, Buto (Grecian name)

Wadjet’s forms:

  • She is usually depicted as a Snake-Headed woman, or a snake with wings, sometimes entwined around a papyrus staff, occasionally as a woman with Two-Snake heads, or a snake with a woman’s head.
  • A woman with a vulture crown and the Deshret crown on top of that.
  • A woman with a maned lioness head, and either a crown of snakes (in the form of Mut), or a single snake, or a solar disc and a snake.

Wadjet’s functions:

  • Divine midwife
  • Protector of the king/Pharoah
  • Protector of those in Childbirth
  • Goddess of Time
  • Goddess of Healing
  • Goddess of Justice
  • Protector of All the Gods

Common Wadjet Epithets from scholars:

  • Great of Magic (Weret-Hekau)
  • Eye of Re/Eye of Ra
  • Lady of Flame
  • Great Serpent
  • Mistress of Heaven

Other LAGG Translations for Wadjet:

  • Who opens the sky and the earth through her form
  • Who raises the sky
  • the Judge in the sky and on the earth
  • in the middle of both horizons
  • Who creates the light
  • the sun goddess
  • Who rises at the head of Ra
  • the bright One
  • Mistress of the Rays
  • the light on earth in the place of darkness
  • Who covers the solar disk with Her light
  • Who protects the king with Her rays
  • Who dispels the darkness
  • Who keeps Her son alive with Her light
  • Who illuminates the shores with Her beauty
  • Who brightens the two countries
  • Who gives rise to the light
  • Who enlightens the faces
  • Who created the rays
  • the orbiting sun disk
  • Who expels the darkness in their faces
  • The moon in the night
  • Ruler of the stars
  • Mistress of the Earth
  • Mistress of Papyrus
  • Head of the marsh plant
  • Lady/Mistress of the Fields
  • the beautiful Lady in the house of the healer
  • the old
  • One with lively brilliance
  • One with fresh life force
  • Lady/Mistress of Life
  • Lady/Mistress of swimming
  • She with many colors
  • the One Who appears as turquoise
  • On whose head nothing is seen
  • No (other) god is on their heads
  • Lady/Mistress of the neck
  • the One with perfect face
  • the One with pleasant smell
  • The woman who is a man
  • Lady/Mistress of sight in the necropolis
  • Her arms spread out behind the protector
  • the One with shiny skin (scales)
  • Who spreads Her wings over the Lord of Protection
  • Lady/Mistress of amulets
  • Lady/Mistress of jewelry

Other Egyptian Snake Deities:

  • Mehen, the God who protects Ra as he fights Chaos in the underworld to raise the sun as Khepra in the morning.
  • Nehebkau, is a snake god who guards the entrance to the Duat/the underworld. He’s the son of Renenutet.
  • Wepset, is one of the forms of the Uraeus. Specifically a form of Her as the Eye of Ra (The winged flaming serpent) associated with Her ability to spit flames from her mouth instead of Venom.
  • Renenutet, was the Agricultural Snake goddess. She embodies fresh and bountiful harvest, and the protector of the royal office. (So like of the king’s sons, and his wife, and such). During the time She is the mother of Nehebkau, she is the husband of Geb, the representation of the Earth. She later became associated/alternated with a form of Wadjet, whose gaze is said to slaughter enemies at her behest.
  • Hu, representation of Physical Word. Hu is associated with Ptah who created the universe by Speaking.
  • Neper, the serpent god of Grain, or his sister/counterpart the serpent goddess of grain, are children that are known as “lord of the mouth”, they’re said to be suckled by Renenutet, and given the title of those who give out the true names, and identified as a source of pure nourishment. Neper is supposedly associated with barley and emmer wheat. Neper became considered merely an aspect of Wesir, gaining the title (one who) lives after dying.

Wadjet Deity Syncretization:

  • Wadjet-Menhit
  • Wadjet-Nit
  • Wadjet-Aset
  • Wadjet-Bast
  • Wadjet-Nebetuu
  • Mut-Wadjet-Bast
  • Sekhmet-Bast-Wadjet.
  • Also she is Identified with Wenut, weret-hekau, bat, Bast the great, Mut, Menhit, Nekhtet, Serqet, Hethert.

Offerings UPG:

UPG, also known as Unverified Personal Gnosis, is a term used by modernist reconstructionist, revivalist, and pagan groups, and individuals, From personal experience, Wadjet enjoys some specific item such as mentioned on my Offerings to Wadjet page, I find she enjoys particularly lemon scented, or bitter things, things that have a fiery taste, as in peppery/spicy thing! Paprika is a particular yes! Wadjet does not have any qualm with eating meat, but I would recommend things like Eggs, or Chicken breast (white meat/light meat), those seem to be her favourites. Anything involving rose-scent, or sandalwood, she also loves. I would say she loves green things (her name meaning ‘Green One’ not surprising). Also Blue things, that reflect Hapi, the Green-Blue-Green of the Nile!

For devotional activities, I recommend gardening, or caring for plants, tending to garbage, rubbish, and trash collection of local natural areas (specifically rivers) and large bodies of water. Caring for plants, or tending to snake habitats/rescue centers for exotic pets (that involve snakes or wildcats). Other actives she seems to approve of being Knitting or crocheting, domestic abuse-assistance training, Midwifery training, Medical or Healing activities (such as Reiki).

Thank you to my friend antlered.wordpress.com for the layout concept

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