Who am I?

Welcome to my WordPress, Hakenensenu (Acclaimed by two). Who is Hakenensenu? (Transliterated by starsandepithets / tumblr.com) Hakenensenu is Shemsu-Ankh of the Kemetic Orthodox faith, of the House of Netjer. His name means “Acclaimed By Two”. He has been a Solitary Witch since he was 12 years old (Approximately 2005) when his friend introduced him to […]

Kemetic Beginners Guide

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Kemetic Belief! Whenever you enter into a new belief, it’s common to get extremely overwhelmed, and not find what you’re looking for. So I have put together a basic, handy guide on starting in Kemetic Paganism/Kemetic Polytheism. The main things I’ll cover in this post are: Soft Polytheism Vs. […]

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