Devotional Prayers

I promised a while back I would post a thing publicly of a variety of my Short One line prayers I use for blessings for myself, and for others, who need prayers. I figured the best way to get people started praying, is to do it myself.

This page will be updated at random please check back occasionally for new prayers!

Prayer before dinner:

(Any names you want to praise, or in general, alternatively: Renenutet, Goddess of Grain, Wadjet, Goddess of Green, Hapi, the Nile River, Neper (Aspect of Wesir , son of Renenutet (Lord of Barley and Wheat) , Lives after Dying), “Wesir”, are good “agricultural” type Gods to offer to)

“Bless us, Netjer, for the gifts and bounties of thy crop sustain and nourish us, and may we be forever grateful for the opportunity to partake, may this meal serve as nourishment for your Ka. Dua Netjer.”

Prayer for gentle healing from physical ailments: (To Serqet and Nefertem).

“O, Serqet, Who keeps the people and gods alive, open my throat so that I may be relieved of this pain. Do not forsake me, as I ask for your help. Hail to you, Nefertem, the Beautiful One, with incense, and perfume. I ask that you numb me, so that I may peacefully return to health without pain.”

Prayer for creativity: (To Ptah, to Hethert, or to Bast (more to come) (Pick one))

“Hail to you…

…Ptah, who speaks and the world is created. Hail, father of Craftsmen. Guide me with your gentle hands, and help me work hard on what I love…

…Hethert, Lady of Gold. O lady of Love, and Dance , dance with me, and light my soul ablaze so I may inspire creativity in others with my actions…

…playful, and joyous one, Hail to you Bast, O lady of Joy, and Song, help me find my voice, so that I may raise up myself, and others, through your praise…

…may you be pleased with my creation, may you be pleased with me. May I always have confidence to create. May I always be blessed with your gifts.”

Prayer for “going to bed”:

As the Ra passes beyond the horizon, so to my worries go,
and all that I do is cleansed, for tomorrow is a new beginning.
O Netjer, hear me, as I ask you to guide me, as I faithfully follow your will.

Prayer for “good day” (To be said as you rise):

(Coming soon)

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Good evening, or morning! Or whatever!

This is a bit of an informal blog letting you know I have started another blog to allow me to develop my spearheading on tending to Hades and Persephone. I have full intentions to eventually develop as best I can into a resource for both of them as they’ve both been very kind to me all of my life. I am hoping this blog will provide a good resource for people, and for myself. A way to connect devotees of them! Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

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