Two new paintings

In a vision I received from Wadjet during the dreaming hours, I was to paint two things, one titled “Slayer of the s/n/a/k/e”, the other Guardian of the Cosmos (More aptly Mistress of Heaven)

Slayer of the S/n/a/k/e on the left, and Mistress of Heaven/Guardian of the Cosmos on the Right
Mistress of Heaven/Guardian of the Cosmos
Slayer of the S/n/a/k/e

I was told to wait a week after painting them to post them publicly. And here we are. Just a small update to what I’m doing in my personal time.

Heka for the Community

One of my Patrons asked that I, instead of making a Heka for them, make one for the community for Financial Prosperity, so here it is.

Heka to Hethert, Lady of Gold:

Things you will need:
String (Gold or yellow, white, and a third colour of your choice).
Oil (Olive oil or a religiously imbued oil)
Fabric (White, Gold/Yellow or Green)
A sharpie

Tie three strings together, braiding them into each other for as long as your fabric piece is. At each end, create a loop, and say into it:

“Hethert, Lady of Gold, I bring your Joy and Love into my life. I bring your prosperty into my life, I capture your beauty in my life” and tie each knot. Do this two more times towards the center. Fold the string in half, twisting it as you fold it, and tie the ends together, creating a loop! This loop creates a continueous circut of intent and magical strength! It will continue to power itself as long as you do it with intent, and need.

On the piece of fabric you have, write out your needs in financial, emotional, or mental stability out of the following way:

“Secure Love”

“Mental Stability”

“Bring Fortune”

Wrap your fabric around the string, and use it to tie the fabric in half, like so:

Anoint the fabric with your oil, place it in your shrine, and leave offerings every day for 4 days, after this, you can carry it with you, put it somewhere, or leave it in-shrine to bring Hethert’s Joy, Love, and Prosperity to you!

Dua Hethert, Lady of Gold! Nekhtet!

Prose. The wandering soul.

“… I continue to wonder about my reputation. What will I be after I’m gone, what will they say when my bones have turned to dust, and my legs can’t carry me farther than I can carry a tune.

What will they say when the sun has set and there is no more light to shine on my existence. I continue to wonder about my reputation, they say all’s well that ends well, but when the times change like sands change, who is forgotten and what is remembered, dictated only by those choosing to participate, I wonder if I will be remembered as kind, just or loving. Or as harsh cruel and violent as the heat from the sun.

I asked that my bones be blessed, that the sands of time does not swallow me whole, devouring my every essence, separating me from what I am. And I ask that my spirit continue to thrive, and that my decrepit existence will not be erased by those who wish to do me harm.

I cannot guarantee that my existence will be made known, I can only ask that the writing on the dust that I leave in the desert be used to satisfy the requirements that my spirit has laid upon me.”

I am doing a comic for this poem, but felt I should share it before I do so.

I write often at spurr of the moment, no telling me whether it will stop, or begin, be good or bad, be strong, or weak, but I just do, and I think that’s what this year ios giong to be about. Accepting imperfection and doing something, even if you’re not an expert.

May the year of Wepwawet protect our bones, and souls.

Dua Wepwaet! Dua Netjer, Nekhtet.

A Prayer to Yinepu, Lord of Liminal Existence .

For a Patron, who gave permission for it to be Posted Publicly.

A Prayer to Yinepu, Lord of Liminal Existence

Blessed is the Lord who walks the path unseen,
for the gentle dark embraces You,
and the silence You walk with creates an unending chorus of peace,
for none know when You come, or when You leave.

Hail to the Lord of Ma’at, I invoke your wisdom,
Great, and Foremost in the West,
The Sacred Land is yours, and so too it’s knowledge,
impart upon me the wisdom of Ma’at, Great Lord, that I may be patient like you.

Hidden from sight, you wander, and I wonder.
Guide of Heaven, of comfort and mystery,
Great Jackal, hear my call to You.
Lord of the Beautiful West, in you I trust.

Lord of the Crossroads, beloved and pure,
Be with me, Great Jackal, as I speak to you,
The Beautiful Lord of Life and Death, How great are your colours,
shown to me in a brilliant splendor of mist and mystery.

You stand between the truth of time,
resting before the twin pillars of Life and Death,
balance hangs on the edge of your palm,
and yet, as always, Your balance brings peace to my Ka.

Offerings to Wadjet🐍☀️

Em Hotep (in peace)!

I am making this post in multiple places, but I want to just make something clear. This is My Own experience with Wadjet. I do not want anyone to think this is an exhaustive list. That being said, have fun, and enjoy your offerings to the Cobra Goddess Wadjet!


Offerings to Wadjet  🐍☀️

Wadjet is the Egyptian Goddess of Lower Egypt, protector of Kings, goddess of Justice, Time, and Childbirth. She is also called “Uraeus”. She’s been seen depicted as a Snake-Headed woman (sometimes with two snake heads), sometimes as a Winged Snake with a Woman’s head, a Cobra with the Deshret(red) crown, or Cobra upon the crown of Pharaoh. She is paired often with the Protector of Upper-Egypt, Nekhbet, thus they are dubbed “The Two Ladies”, sometimes compared as the twins, or two sisters. It is said the Papyrus emerged from Her body, She is associated heavily with the plant and the planet Earth because of that. She is also associated with an interpretation of the Milky Way and is in some myths known as the “Primordial Snake”.

“It is said that Wadjet is the daughter of Atum, the first god of the Universe. He created Her as His Eye. Her purpose was to search the Universe for his lost children, Tefnut and Shu. Wadjet found his children, and Atum was so happy to see them that he cried. It is those tears made the first humans. As a reward, Atum placed Wadjet upon his head in the form of a fire breathing Cobra, Protector of Pharaoh.”

In another Myth, Wadjet is the one who shielded Aset (Isis) for the birth of Heru (Horus) in the Swamps of the Nile Delta when She fled for Her safety.

Offerings I’ve found yield a favourable result:

💕Sweet fruit (Plums, Mangos)

💕Cinnamon-y/Heat based food

💕Chocolate Milk/Hot Chocolate

💕Ginger // Lemon flavoured foods

💕Sour or Bitter Candy (Dark Chocolate)

💕Hymns (She loves Poems and drums).

💕Green Jewelry // Green Candles // Green Gems

💕Tea // Chai (rhubarb, hibiscus, peppermint).


💕Eggs (Boiled or Over easy).

Much Love and Senebty,


Child of Khonsu and Wadjet.

Beloved of Hethert-Sekhmet.

The Expanded Horizon.

A poem Wepwawet-Ra


for all its might,
never held a candle to your flame.

however hard it tries,
will always be sunny.

regardless of its preference,
will always break tension.

And, despite its desires, Dusk is a perfectly willing host for those who wish to travel.

But time isn’t a concern when you shine through the keyhole.  Indeed, any lock is more likely to bow and greet me then cause a retreat.

You have no use for unneeded words, and words are not spoken without purpose, but your voice, so proud and quiet, requires me to listen close.

For when you speak, though not often, every word is spoken like sunlight. Precious and Golden.