Celebration of Life, and Death

October hold some important celebrations, Navaratri, and Yom Kippur to name a couple.  For me the more important holiday is “Dia de Los Muertos”, Day of the dead, which takes place from October 31st to November 2nd. It is a syncretic holiday and a cultural holiday in which you take time to remember your ancestors, […]

Heka for the Community

One of my Patrons asked that I, instead of making a Heka for them, make one for the community for Financial Prosperity, so here it is. Heka to Hethert, Lady of Gold: Things you will need:String (Gold or yellow, white, and a third colour of your choice).Oil (Olive oil or a religiously imbued oil)Fabric (White, […]

Offerings to Wadjet🐍☀️

Em Hotep (in peace)! I am making this post in multiple places, but I want to just make something clear. This is My Own experience with Wadjet. I do not want anyone to think this is an exhaustive list. That being said, have fun, and enjoy your offerings to the Cobra Goddess Wadjet! —————————————————— Offerings […]

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